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 The provider (Mixnet) of the Wise County/City of Norton site wants to host the King George County records  - meaning put them "online."



I was THE one who sent hundreds of letters into King George County in October, 2002 and got them offline.   MOST of their Supervisors had SSNs on their own documents along with thousands of other people in that county and so on Oct. 15, 2002, the Board of Supervisors voted to shut the Clerk's site down.   They could do it because the Clerk was using the county's taxpayer-financed website.  
So now the provider (Mixnet) of the Wise County/City of Norton site wants to host the King George County records  - meaning put them "online."  Well, he is going to charge but then what happens when he undercharges the King George Clerk?  The Clerk there - Vic Mason - (after the site was shut down by the Board in 2002) took bids from providers to "host" his site. He was thumbing his nose at the King George citizens.  For some reason he is hell bent on getting his citizens records ONLINE!!!  
Anyway, Mixnet was the losing bidder but MIXNET is not going down without a battle.  Arnold Thielen, President of Mixnet, has decided that he's going to get the records anyway he can.   But is this man a citizen of the United States????  Mixnet has German connections...  Thielen speaks with a very strong accent (I have a tape recording of him) and when I personally asked him if he were a citizen he wouldn't answer me.  Why not? 
But where is our General Assembly?   Delegate Devolites (now Senator) is Chairperson of the Committee "studying" this but her committee has done ABSOLUTELY nothing.  They want to study it for another year but every day that these records are online puts the citizens at risk of many things including identity theft and stalking.   However, why should Devolites care?  Her divorce papers were SEALED she told me at her committee's last meeting in December.  Whether she told me that to discourage me from getting them and putting them on my website I don't know, but if I can find her divorce papers or her daughter's (Ashley Devolites) court case since she is in prison for being the alleged mastermind of robberies, I will post them for free on my website along with Congressman Tom Davis' (if he has any) also of Northern VA (Devolites' good "friend"). 
MIXNET will get the King George records..... AND will he charge LESS than the Clerk?  If he does, then everyone will use his site and the Clerk will not be getting the money from his subscription site which by the way may be already online against the people's wishes!  I haven't checked - I'll leave that up to the citizens of King George.  
But this is Clerk Vic Mason's own fault.  He should never have put the citizens' records online in the first place and when the citizens (and Board of Supervisors) spoke out loud and clear in October of 2002 that they did not want these records on the internet, he should have left them off!!!  This is of his own making!!!  AND there are many thousands of SSNs in his records.
So here's the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star's article published December 28th, 2003 dealing with the issue:  
The documents that MIXNET (Arnold Thielen) is trying to get are which are going online in every county/city (however only about 18 places have already gone online) are:
1) Marriage licenses (complete with full legal names, educational level, DOB, and MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAMES.....
2) Final Divorce Decrees  (complete with DOBs, SSNs, minor children's names,  where the parents work and live and usually with a home and work telephone number and other details of who gets the kids, who gets the cars, what child support will be, and when visitation is plus other details)
3) Name Change documents (complete with DOBS and SSNs, home addresses, mother's maiden names..)
4) Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Homestead Deeds, and Credit Line Deeds of Trust (lots of times - since 1991 - with a SSN, loan numbers, home address, and SIGNATURE which can be stolen off a computer screen simply by hitting "Control/Prnt Scrn" and then opening up Windows Paint, retrieving the document, cleaning it up, then clipping and pasting it anywhere....)
5) Judgments / Tax Liens (complete with DOB, SSN, name and address. Ever had a traffic ticket?   Well, there's a piece of paper that was generated if you paid the fine late OR APPEALED it to Circuit Court that you don't even know exists with that info on it.....)
6) Wills, lists of heirs, lists of inventories of estates (all containing too many details like acccount numbers)
7) Financing Statements (UCCs) generally has SSNs on them....
8) Concealed carry permit holders
"ANYONE"  and not just "professionals" CAN SIGN UP FOR A CLERK'S SITE AND GET THEM.  They're PUBLIC RECORDS but I say if someone wants to see them let them drive to their local courthouse.


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