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 Major U.S. banks are aiding and abetting ILLEGAL aliens from Mexico by allowing them to set up bank accounts using a "sham" ID card called the Mexican Matricular Consular ID card.

This Mexican ID card allows illegal Mexican immigrants to set up bank accounts without the required Social Security number that the rest of us have to supply on demand when we as American citizens open bank accounts in those same banks.

WACHOVIA/FIRST UNION, BB&T, SUNTRUST, and BANK OF AMERICA are just a few of the 80 or so banks across this country who have decided to aid and abet these illegals by helping them to cash their illegally made paychecks which, by the way, can bring a felony charge to the person who issues that paycheck , if caught.     

It is obvious these banks will do most ANYTHING to get more money and more accounts.  But to aid and abet illegals in this country who are costing us all more money?  Where is the VA Attorney General in this issue of these banks?    

 Where is the U.S. Attorney General?  Where is  the I.N.S.?  Why isn't someone going after these banks who claim they're not immigration officials or police, but let a person make too high of a deposit and they sure are police for IRS!   

After news of this hit the newspaper here in Richmond, VA on November 19, 2002, many of those banks saw their "legal"customers close accounts and refuse to do further business with them because of this new stance toward illegals.  They watched as their customers withdrew their money and went to banks who have chosen the high road - i.e. chosen not to aid and abet illegal Mexicans!

 According to Federal law, it is a felony to aid, abet, or conspire to commit alien harboring.  If they are here illegally, they should NOT even be working!  So where is the money coming from to go into these bank  accounts?  Are they being paid off the books/under the table?   

 And  it has been reported by several sources that some Mexicans have been found to have as many as three or more of those ID cards…so what value are they if they're a sham? 

CHEERS to the banks (that I know of) who have chosen the high road and will NOT accept the Mexican ID card in the Richmond, VA area: FIRST MARKET BANK (UKROPS), BANK OF ESSEX, and COMMONWEALTH BANK.

 A phone call on December 30, 2002 was made to Union Bank & Trust  President Billy Beale who said he didn't know what his bank's policy was….Duh…The story broke on November 19th -  one would think that was plenty of time to come up with a policy.

 Click here to read a story (a must read for every American citizen) about illegal Mexicans using I.N.S identification cards issued to them by I.N.S employees.


 CHEERS to Delegate John S. Reid of Henrico County who is the Chief Patron for HB 1562 to keep illegals out of our "institutions of higher learning." AND  Delegate Thelma Drake of Norfolk who, at least, is trying to do something, too, with her bill HB 2339 (re: no in state tuition for illegals, but they shouldn't be in our schools at all.…)

 And JEERS to Del Karen Garner for putting in HB 1610 to let illegals have reduced tuition.  Just because they got away with going to school here illegally and hardworking Americans footed the bill for that, doesn't mean they have to take up classroom space and deprive an American kid the chance to go to college because the class is full…They need deportation - not a tuition break! 

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