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For everyone who wants to keep their signature, SS#, DOB, mother's maiden name, and children's names OFF the internet,  TAKE ACTION NOW!!!    EMAILS NEED TO BE SENT TODAY TO BOTH COMMITTEES!

This Tuesday morning (the 28th of January) at 7 AM, HB 2426 will be voted on in the General Laws sub-committee chaired by Delegate C. S. Jones of Chesapeake and Suffolk.

If it gets the necessary votes to make it out of that "sub"-committee, it will be heard by the FULL General Laws committee at 8:30 the same morning chaired by Delegate John Reid of Henrico.. 

You must act now and send emails to the Delegates on both committees.  (See email list for both committees below) 

This bill will PROHIBIT our SS#s, DOBs, children's names, signatures, and mother's maiden names from being posted on the internet by any agency or Clerk of the Circuit Court.   

Several county's/city's Clerks have already put these records (peoples' lives) up on the World Wide Web with no regard to the fact that "personal identifying information" are in those records.  Some examples containing private information are: divorce papers, Deeds of Trust, Homestead Deeds, judgments/liens, name change orders, financing statements (UCCs), wills, lists of heirs, notary commissions, and marriage licenses. 

These records should NOT be put online; they are available in the Clerk's office and if someone wants to get your social security number off of any of these papers, they should have to drive to the clerk's office.  In Hanover County alone, there are over 35,000 Social Security numbers sitting in those records and that's a modest - but educated - estimate! 

                         In your email, put "SUPPORT HB 2426" in the subject line AND also copy in

Delegate Sam Nixon and Delegate Bill Janis


SUB-COMMITTEE --- 7 AM MEETING 0N TUESDAY - 1/28/3 - in the 6th Floor Speaker's Conference Room in the General Assembly Building

    Jones, S. Chris

    Bolvin, Thomas M.

    Cox, M. Kirkland

    Marshall, D.W., III

    McQuigg, Michele B.

    Phillips, Clarence

    Woodrum, Clifton A.


FULL COMMITTEE MEETING AT 8:30 AM TUESDAY - 1/28/3 in HOUSE ROOM "C" also in the General Assembly Building  -  (Note - the people on the "sub"-committee are also on the full committee so no need to duplicate them.) 

Chairman: Reid, John S. (Chair) 

Members: Cox, M. Kirkland  (on sub-committee)

Albo, David B. 

Drake, Thelma

Jones, S. Chris  (Chair of sub-committee)

McQuigg, Michèle B.  (on sub-committee)

Suit, Terrie L.

Bolvin, Thomas M.  (on sub-committee)

Rapp, Melanie L.

Wright, Thomas C., Jr.

Oder, G. Glenn

Saxman, Christopher B.

Marshall, Daniel W., III  (on sub-committee)

McDougle, Ryan T.

Gear, Thomas D.

Almand, James F.

Woodrum, Clifton A. (on sub-committee)

Phillips, Clarence E.  (on sub-committee)

Armstrong, Ward L.

Barlow, William K.

Miles, Floyd H., Sr.

Abbitt, Watkins M., Jr.











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