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The Clerk in Loudoun County, Gary Clemens, is bound and determined to put your records/lives back on the internet.

He said in the latest Leesburg Today article that his system is secure and "that only professionals, like title examiners and attorneys would have access to the records on line."

His records will be available for $1200 per year or $200 for one month.

What a cheap price to pay for thousands of social security numbers.

Clemons also said at yesterday's Loudoun Board of Supervisors meeting that he believes "there will be legislation that will provide some guidelines for the Clerks to follow" and he added that allowing the Clerks "to refuse access to some people" is one idea being discussed since currently no clerk can deny access  to anyone wanting to view the records.

Should a Clerk of Circuit Court have the power to deny anyone access to any public record? 

The only solution to this "online records" mess is to not have these records available via the internet in the first place - a no-cost to the Clerks solution.

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