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The Virginia Watchdog has just learned that in addition to Attorney General Jerry Kilgore endorsing all the Republican candidates running for the Hanover Board of Supervisors (see Mechanicsville Local - 10/15/03 edition, page 3) which included Beaverdam's Bucky Stanley, Cold Harbor's Elton Wade, and Henry's Otis Hall, some other big names have now also made endorsements of Hanover's resident "jailbird".
Do they not know of Stanley's past incarceration and problems with paying his Federal taxes just a mere 12 years ago?  Do they think it's okay to be charged with 9 felony counts for tax evasion, cop a plea and serve time in jail like apparently the Attorney General of this state thinks is okay?
What does this say about the character of the following people - including Hanover's Sheriff Cook (who by the way has a write in candidate opposing him - Tom Chorinos)???
Apparently no one told them of his past!
Here's the list of people who have just endorsed Bucky Stanley (read previous story on this site about his past problems):
U.S. Senator John Warner
U.S. Senator George Allen
Congressman Eric Cantor
State Senator Bill Bolling (and he wants to be Lt. Governor in 2005!!!!)
Delegate Frank Hargrove 
Delegate Ryan McDougle (former Assist. Commonwealth's Attorney in Hanover)
Sheriff V. Stuart Cook (guess keeping your nose clean means nothing to him...)
Clerk of Circuit Court Frank Hargrove, Jr. (same one who wants our records/lives on the internet)
Commissioner of the Revenue, Scott Harris (Would he be writing letters about how bad people are if Stanley were a Democrat or Independent?  Is this endorsement only because Satnley is running as a Republican?)
The Hanover Conservation Network (whoever this group is...which is amazing because what has Stanley done to "conserve" anything in this county...he has voted for almost every subdivision put in here!)
The Hanover Civic Association (HCA) - (African-American group who don't know that Stanley has promised to vote for a CONFEDERATE HISTORY MONTH! Wade and Hall made the same promise to one "camp" of Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Wonder if those three told the HCA that?) 
I would suggest to all readers not to vote for any of these people again - even if they have no opponent. Don't give any one of them a vote of confidence... Their values just went down the tubes with this endorsement. 
Let's see if this Wednesday's Mech Local (Oct. 27th) has any endorsements of other candidates by the same guys.... Stay tuned to The Virginia Watchdog... Tell your friends!

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