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The following is an "exemption" in the Freedom of Information Act (COV 2.2-3705) meaning you can't get the  information:

36. Records containing information on the site specific location of rare, threatened, endangered or otherwise imperiled plant and animal species, natural communities, caves, and significant historic and archaeological sites if, in the opinion of the public body that has the responsibility for such information, disclosure of the information would jeopardize the continued existence or the integrity of the resource. This exemption shall not apply to requests from the owner of the land upon which the resource is located.

Having our personal information on the World Wide Web is a threat to everyone.  It exposes us to identity theft - the fastest growing crime today!  Signing up and paying a fee won't protect us?   Someone who is into selling Social Security numbers would pay a subscription fee in a heart beat and so would a company who is into "mining" our lives and selling them!

Why doesn't someone down at the General Assembly  this session create an "exemption" for OUR lives/ Social Security numbers, DOBs, mothers' maiden names, children's names, and  our signatures in our personal records ALREADY filed in the Clerk's  office???? 

Because to do so might mean the end of a campaign contribution…It all comes down to $$$$$$.

Call or email your Senator AND Delegate about this issue .  Show them you want something done about this online records mess NOW!!!  Get your neighbors to call them if they don't have email.


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