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UPDATED 09/12/08

Here is the link to search pages where some Secretaries of States have endangered the citizens

Colorado Secretary of State - UPDATE 9/12/08 - The SOS has allowed the records back online last December and there are still MANY SSNs on the records.      03/29/07 1945 hrs EDT.  The CO SOS has pulled the plug on his website which was spoon feeding criminals at 4:56 PM MDT.  Here is an article posted earlier today on The Virginia Watchdog website about the site. 

Arizona SOS' UCC search site also has AZ state tax liens AND Fed. Tax Liens complete with SSNs in addition to the UCC-1s with SSNs.   UPDATE - The links were broken to the IMAGES of records on that site in March, 2007 but are back online as of Aug., 2008 and a check shows SSNs have been removed/blacked out.


OHIO Sec. of State's search site for UCCs - As of 3/26/07, this site still has many SSNs on the web even though a Federal Court judge ordered them removed last year.  WHY?

Florida Secretary of State's site for UCCs - as of 3/26/07 there are still SSNs on this site though hundreds of thousands have been removed.)  As of tonight, we have the records with SSNs on them!   Not only SSNs and DOBS, but many EINs, too.  Some EINS have been blacked out, but many thousands remain.  WHY?  And why are SSNs still on that site when the head of that Dept, Jay Kasees, told his boss they were all removed over a month ago.  He was sorely mistaken in certifying to his boss that the job was complete.

Georgia's UCC & land records search site (costs $9.95 a month to access both even though some counties in GA are free) -  Loaded with SSNs. 

Iowa SOS' UCC site has removed most SSNs but many remain... Also we found Fed. tax liens.

Maryland's Dept of Assessment and Taxation's site for UCCs is loaded with SSNs.  They refuse to shut the site down.

Massachusetts' Sec. of State's UCC site. 

Arkansas Secretary of State (costs a mere $75 per year for UCCs with SSNs on them!).

California SOS' UCC search site - (UPDATE 3/26/07 - Site shut down last week by Sec. of State.)

Pennsylvania pulled off the images a long time ago but they recently began selling UCC records with SSNs on them for a mere $3 per page.  If you know where to look, you can hit the jackpot for the SSNs.

Oregon's Sec. of State's site for UCCs broke the links to the "IMAGES" of the records on that UCC search site

Missouri Sec. of State's site for UCC searches (IMAGES REMOVED FINALLY) 

New Mexico Sec. of State's UCC site (IMAGES REMOVED 02/08/07)

Vermont's Sec. of State's... links to images of UCCs were broken on 1/19/07 thanks to The Virginia Watchdog, but a check on the site on 2/09/07 shows some newer UCCs are linked back up, but they have no SSNs on them. 

New York Sec. of State's  -  (click on "NYS Standard Debtor search") Image links were broken on 2/2/07.

North Carolina Sec. of State has ALMOST completely removed the SSNs on that site from UCCs and also blacked out many of the SSNs which were found at the bottom of some of them. Many phone calls were made to the SOS' office by The Virginia Watchdog over the past couple of years and also to many citizens.  Another credit to The Virginia Watchdog's successes. 

As of 10/23/06, the Mississippi Sec. of State has gone back online with the images of the UCCs and is selling over a million SSNs for $250 a year.   ANYONE by law can sign up to get into the site.

Alabama Sec. of State  does not provide the IMAGES of UCCs on their website

MORE LINKS WILL BE COMING to expose how stupid, reckless, and dangerous it is for these elected officials to be putting their citizens and the records at risk by having them available on the internet.  

WHAT IS YOUR SEC. OF STATE DOING WITH YOUR UCCs?  In Virginia all UCCs are held by either the Circuit Court Clerks or the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission.


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