01/29/07   DONALD TRUMP AT RISK OF ID THEFT...thanks to current New York Secretary of State and previous one...

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One would think that when a person calls and tries to tell the CEO that his SSN is on a public website put there by a state agency/elected official that the caller would be put thru to someone.

Alas not at the Trump organization headed by "The Donald."

Three weeks ago, The Virginia Watchdog's founder, BJ Ostergren, called Mr. Trump's main number at 212-832-2000 and asked to speak to someone about his SSN being on an elected official's website in New York.

She was told no one was "taking any calls" and couldn't speak to anyone except the switchboard operator.  So she left all the info about where to find the document and how to see the SSN.   She left her phone number and website address and thought that he would get his SSN removed just like Kelly Ripa and her husband did last fall.

A check shows the number still on the site so another long distance phone call was made about 1455 hrs today only again to be told no one was taking any calls.  The legal department was requested but the switchboard operator refused.

So here's how the world can see his document.    Click here and over in the left column, click on NYS STANDARD SEARCH. 

On the next "search" page put his name in and when the results come up, click on "VIEW" (way over to the right under the top green line).  The SSN appears in the top document with file number 200303270672344 .   

If he gets his removed, shouldn't all the hundreds of thousands of people who have SSNs on that site be able to get theirs removed too? 


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