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WHAT IS the state court system in OKLAHOMA THINKING ABOUT?  Don't they know that they are SPOON FEEDING CRIMINALS all over the world?

Had a speeding ticket?  Had a traffic accident and been sued?  Gotten arrested for running a stop sign or something else that landed you in court?   Changed the name of one of your kids? 

Oklahoma's COURT records are online and chances are that YOUR personal information - or your kids' - is on the internet and available to ANYONE who knows how to find it!  But it's easy.  We found more SSNs than we wanted to see in just minutes. 

The Oklahoma State Court system is spoon feeding criminals by also having DOBs, birth certificate numbers, minor children's names, complete home addresses and other info like year/make of vehicles, license plate numbers,heights and weights of people plus phone numbers!   

Just search thru the dockets and open "documents" found in cases.   It's so simple.  Or you can search by type of case.

Enter the dates you want to search for as xx-xx-xx (for example 10-30-06).  Here's a direct link to all cases heard in Payne County, OK on 11-15-06.   Click on "file numbers",  then scroll down the next page to open any document that is available like "criminal felony initial filing", and then back to the top and click on defendant's name.     To open the documents you may have to install a "TIFF viewer."  (Go to for a free viewer.)

What the hell are they thinking? 

If you live in Oklahoma, tell your friends about the site and get them to call the courts, state and local legislators, and the newspapers and demand that the site be shut down!  


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