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FLORIDA LEGISLATORS WANT PEOPLE'S PUBLIC RECORDS ONLINE!  SO HERE ARE the Florida Governor's (and wife's) including THEIR SSNs ... THESE ARE EXAMPLES OF HOW DANGEROUS IT IS TO HAVE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC RECORDS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET!   Guess Gov. Jeb Bush doesn't understand what they are doing in Florida but he had sense enough to have his and his wife's SSNs removed... But I have the complete document anyway and show it below!


TO see Gov. JOHN ELLIS "Jeb" BUSH's documents since the Florida Governor chose to protect his own hind end and no one else's, The Virginia Watchdog has chosen to publish the real document. CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT DOCUMENT complete with their SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS

And you can go to   or click on links below (you'll have to accept the "applet" put on by the Clerk to view the document) to see the "blacked" out doc and the one where he and wife sold their home to the Lopezes.

Start at the Clerk's home page, click on "Search Recorded Documents" and keep going until you see "VIEW DOCUMENT".  Click on that and it will bring the image up but you'll still have to "accept" the applet which is no big deal... 

SEACRH BY  BK 18703 pg 3991 to see the document where the Governor's (and wife's) SSNs have been blacked out and then look at other documents like the one in BK 18703  pg 3993 to still see some people's SSN on their document.  NOTE: Once I tell about this, it is no telling how quick they will totally block access to the Governor's records.  But that only tells me he should be protected and no one else...Florida should shut every clerk's site down because there are millions of SSNs in the sites.  In some sites, look up DD-214's, the Deeds, Death certificates, and judgments.  Do a search on Internal Revenue Service.  Every Federal Tax Lien has SSNs on it.  Yet Florida legislators have allowed their Clerks to post this private (albeit PUBLIC) information online...

Or you can just click here to go directly to the image of the document as it appears now on the Miami-Dade Clerk's site: 

BK 18703 pg 3991

The Gov's and wife's SSNs were blacked out on Dec. 27th, 2004 on the above document but the people who bought 6875 S.W. 96th St. Pinecrest , Fl 33156  (which BTW is the address the Clerk blacked out) from Governor and Mrs. Bush still have theirs on the Miami-Dade Clerk's site...  Shouldn't everyone's have been protected, Governor?  Click below to see the LOPEZES SSNs.... (NOTE: someone had the SSNs blacked out.)

BK 18703  pg 3993

Then go here to see an aerial view of the house with swimming pool.    when you select "property information" you are taken to a second page.  Under Property information then in the SELECT ITEM BOX choose the search by address method

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