2/14/06   This is an OPEN email sent today to Del. Tom Rust who represents part of Fairfax County and part of Loudoun County today.

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Dear Del. Rust:

I was really disappointed last week about the rude way in which I was treated by Del. May who chaired the S & T committee. I deserve an apology, but haven't gotten one yet. This online records issue also deserved more than it got.   I had hoped to get thru that power point presentation that Del. Frederick had wanted me to show, and his staff was who had the projector/equipment set up for it. 
One of those records which I was going to show with SSNs on them was your and your ex-wife's (Patsy's); however, as I said at the beginning of the slide show ALL SSNs, minor children's names, DOBS, etc were BLACKED out by me before I scanned in the documents.
I decided since you wanted HB 842 PBI'd that you have no concerns or worries about your's or your ex-wife's SSNs being available to over 1,200 people who have signed up to get into Clerk Frey's docs from their home or office, and so that record NOW is shown complete with your SSNs on The Virginia Watchdog website as another "example" of a PUBLIC record held in the Clerks' offices that contain SSNs or other personal info.  

 It appears in two places on The Virginia Watchdog website - once in the top section there is a link  Here are some well known peoples' PUBLIC RECORDS containing SSNs put on the internet by Court Clerks  which shows yours, Colin Powell's, Jeb Bush's, and others' including a Circuit Court Judge's from VA Beach who is a former state Senator (A. Joseph Canada's).   His record is available right today on the VA Beach site.  You can tell by the index which the Clerk in VB has...She is the only one I know of who has an INDEX that is available for free but you have to sign up to see the IMAGES.  

Also one of the divorce papers I did get a chance to show to the committee was for a TINA NERNEY and is available on the VB site.  You can also tell by the index found at  Her divorce paper is listed as an "ORDER."   But her's and Canada's aren't the only ones I got out of VB's site.  I got many tax liens (both state and federal) and MANY judgments.  They're called LAND RECORDS.   People just think a "LAND" record is a DEED.   Wrong!
The second place I have shown your PUBLIC RECORD is in the article I wrote about the rude treatment by the Chairman dated 2/10/06 on the front page of my website.    Go to
All of those records that I had last week at that meeting ARE available online from your home or office in the counties that I had records for.  Just sign up, pay $25 or $50 , and get into those records and you'll  find tons of SSNs, minor children's names, DOBs, signatures, financial acc't #s, and mother's maiden names (although Fairfax doesn't have the marriage licenses online per John Frey but the others do),   Since they are PUBLIC records, then the personally identifying information contained there in is not covered under the VA Identity Theft laws because it says personally identifying information that is not available to the general public which the Clerks records certainly are.  I agree they should be open at the courthouse, BUT they should not be available in someone's home.  If people want to see them, they should have to drive to the Clerk's office.
Why the House of Delegates (or the Senate) doesn't "get this is beyond me...
Any questions, just email me back. 
Betty "BJ" Ostergren, Founder
The Virginia Watchdog

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