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7/15/05 UPDATE!!!   Notice to Florida citizens:  Your U.S.Senator Bill Nelson has chosen to protect his own "hind end" but has left the rest of you folks' SSNs hanging out there for the world to see!   Check the record below on the Leon County, FL Court Clerk's site and you will see his SSN is NOW BLACKED OUT.   Click on Leon County which will take you to the search page, then insert BK and page # shown below, and then when the summary page pops up, click on the BK and PG # over on the right to get the "Image" of his Affadavit.   You people should be outraged that he is protecting his own information but no one else's.   You should be calling your state legislators to protest this information being put on the internet.   Also you Sec. of State has put the financing statements online complete with SSNs on many of them.  Accept the Disclaimer and then search till the cows come home!   SSNs are on that site by the tens of thousands!  Why is the Florida Secretary of State spoon feeding criminals? 

3/7/5     To see Congressman Thomas Delay's and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson's SSNs and Jeb Bush's Click HERE...

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“If this is not an eye-opening threat to our privacy, then nothing is.”

U.S. Senator C. William Nelson, II

What Sen. Nelson is referring to is the ChoicePoint fiasco and the massive security breach of over 145,000 U.S. citizens’ personal identifying information.   Out of that number, he says on his website more than 10,000 Floridians’ information was released to identity thieves. 

So what, Senator Nelson!!!   Guess you don’t know about the Court Clerks down there putting all the public records on the internet – records they took an oath to protect. 

 If you’re so upset over that and the Bank of America issue, then why don’t you do something about the Court Clerks in Florida putting everyone’s records on the internet – including YOURS!!!  

I just went into Leon County, Fl Clerk’s site and was able to find your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, your and your wife’s signatures (very legible, I might add), and your wife’s “maiden” name.     

Your SSN is found on an Affidavit in Book 1892 Page 43.  I was even to pull up the “IMAGE” of the document and right there in the middle of the affidavit is your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!   To get "the image" and see his SSN, when the "summary" page comes up after you've searched for the Book and Page, click on the BK & PG number over on the right and the "image" will come up in PDF format... It will be the only thing that is highlighted that provides a link...

Your DOB is on your website…September 29, 1942.  

So, Senator Nelson, clean up your own state first and help pull these Clerk’s records off line before you worry about ChoicePoint and Bank of America, etc!    

These Clerks are putting people at risk!  I have found DOBs, SSNs, signatures, and other personal information.    

What are you people thinking!   No one has to pretend to be someone and get into ChoicePoint and steal identities…no one has to get Bank of America tapes containing tens and tens of thousands of people’s credit card #s, SSNs, and other personal info….no one has to go thru anyone’s trash….no one has to dumpster dive….  Nope! All anyone has to do is find a Court Clerk’s or Recorder’s or Register of Deeds online….It’s as easy as 1,2,3!  

Our legislators should get those records off the internet and back into the security of the Clerk’s offices.  If someone wants to see your records – or anyone else’s – then truck on down to the courthouse! 

SSNs in Florida are found always on Federal Tax Liens (like Congressman Tom Delay’s old lien in Ft. Bend County, TX with his SSN) and also most of the time on Final Divorce decrees, UCCs, deeds, and mortgage papers.  Powers of Attorney also have SSNs sometimes and/or Passport #s! 

To see Congressman Delay's SSN go to that site and in the "GRANTEE" blank put Delay, Thomas... It will be on two Federal tax Liens - the original one and the Release.  Even though he paid it off, the document remains on file and is available in this Clerk's site.  Remember to click on IMAGE icon over on the right.

If Congress is going to hold hearings on ChoicePoint, please invite me for an eye-opening lesson on Identity theft and Clerk’s records!  

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