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But what about all the Social Security numbers and other personal information in the Court Clerks' records all over this country that are being  - or have been already - made available over the internet which puts hundreds of millions of records at risk and the people they are about?

Click here to read CNN'S report about a Breach that affects 22 Million VISA cards and 14 million MASTERCARDS Plus others - 40 MILLION total  

We already know people like Colin Powell (records online in Fairfax County, VA), Gov. Jeb Bush (Miami-Dade County, Fl), CIA Director Porter Goss (Lee County, Fl), U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (Leon County, Fl), Congressman Tom Delay (Ft. Bend County, Texas), and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (Jackson County, MO) have social security numbers on public records recorded in Clerks' offices.  (Note: On the front page of The Virginia Watchdog links are provided to see the actual documents and their SSNs...)  

Almost every state has allowed the keepers of our records - and it depends on what that person is called in each state whether it be Clerk of Court, Register of Deeds, Recorder, Comptroller, or Secretary of State - to put the records on the internet.   Examples of records that can be found online in various states are deeds, mortgages, wills, final divorce decrees, death certificates, marriage licenses, powers of attorney, name change documents, DD-214s, to name a few.   It depends on what the individual clerks put online. 

Why are state legislators not passing laws to 1) keep these records within the four walls of the courthouses, 2) prohibit bulk sales of these records, and 3) prohibit the resale of these records?    Virginia legislators passed laws to ALLOW the Circuit Court Clerks to make the records available via the internet and then gave Clerks immunity when they go online!!!

Who pushed this online records scheme here in Virginia?    Click here to see the CBS Evening News piece featuring The Virginia Watchdog's founder, BJ Ostergren and you can hear from one "online records" proponent, Frosty Landon Executive Director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, as to why he wants your personal information online and you can also see the first known verified person who had his identity stolen as a result of the records being put on the internet in Ohio by a Clerk of Court.  (Note: You can read the transcript of the piece or view the video.)

Tell your friends and neighbors that they may be at risk thanks to their state legislators.  And then call U. S. Senator Schumer and ask him why is he just concerned about the databrokers or people like CardSystems Solutions of Tucson, AZ when people are at risk all over the state of New York since the Clerks and Recorders have put the records online there containing people's personal information and SSNs...




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