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 10/16/05 Update to this story from two years ago...Even though his personal assistant (on tape) in the AG's office and his campaign manager (I have the email receipt where I wrote to Hutcheson about this below) knew about this, Att. General Jerry Kilgore never rescinded these endorsements and neither did the others like Sen. George Allen and Sen. John Warner who also endorsed these three below.   Hall lost the election but the other two won...  Why do I want Kilgore as my Governor when he endorsed these types of people when he was the "Attorney General"?    I don't...  This below is the article posted on The Virginia Watchdog website on 10/27/03... And not one newspaper wrote about this...   But here's something else to consider about Kilgore and the Gregory brothers of Tennessee.. and this ...and THIS

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ATTORNEY GENERAL KILGORE makes three endorsements he should have thought about first...he endorsed a man found guilty of violating the conflict of interest laws, another man who served time in jail for failing to pay taxes, and another man who, according to court records, has a history of domestic violence... 
I am shocked to hear that our Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore, just endorsed three of the men running as Republicans for the Hanover Board of Supervisors apparently without any consideration to their past - a man found guilty of violating the conflict of interest laws, a man who served time in jail for failing to pay taxes, and a man who according to court records, has a history of domestic violence... 
First, Ashland District's Tim Ernst (R) who has been convicted of violating the "conflict of interest" laws was a beneficiary of the AG's endorsement last week. Probably the endorsement was just because he's a Republican since it's obvious the AG knew nothing of his past.  The Hanover Republican Women's Club gave Ernst $300 and the Hanover Republican Committee gave him $200.  So break the law and you will get supported by Republicans in Hanover County and the Attorney General of VA... 

Next Kilgore endorses jailbird/tax evader...

Beaverdam District's Aubrey "Bucky" Stanley (R) was a beneficiary of Hanover Sheriff V. Stuart Cook's endorsement back in 1999 and what most people seem to forget (and our new citizens don't even know) is that Supv. Stanley has spent time in jail (1991) for tax evasion.   He was originally charged with nine felony counts of failing to file Federal Employment tax returns (withholding and F.I.C.A.) and for failing to turn the money over to the federal government which could have brought him 9 years in prison and $900,000 in fines if convicted on those felonies.  But he "copped" a plea and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges which is why he can still serve on the Board. 
According to a story in the Hanover Herald-Progress (7/3/91), Stanley "admitted on 7/2/91 that he deliberately failed to file employment tax returns."  Also in the same paper is the following: "Although his accountant prepared the appropriate returns for quarterly submissions, Stanley did not send the forms or the appropriate taxes to the government."   
So Supv. Stanley  made a conscious decision not to do the right thing as required by Federal law.  In other words, he made a conscious decision to break the law.
In addition to his jail time of two concurrent sentences, he also had to do 100 hours of community service, was put on one year's probation, and ordered not to incur any additional debts without the knowledge of his probation officer.  
Between 1985 and 1989 though, he spent over $45,000 on his softball team - but he didn't pay those taxes he owed for his employees!  When sentenced,  the Herald-Progress (9/5/91) reported that Federal Magistrate David Lowe said the day before when Stanley was sentenced that "sentencing someone to jail is not an easy thing, but if ever one required incarceration, this is it."
Further the Herald-Progress reported, " In 1989, the IRS was garnisheeing the salary he was making as a Hanover Board member.  The IRS was withholding 42% - the maximum allowed."
Last but not least of Stanley's problems back then was also the fact he was arrested for failing to appear at a hearing about money he owed to a sporting goods store in Colonial Heights. (Herald-Progress 5/15/91)
It is amazing, though, that Stanley spent more on a softball team than he owed the government.   It is embarrassing to have him as a sitting Board member even if those felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors.  To have him run as a Republican is even more embarrassing!  But then again, he is part of the good ole boy system here in Hanover!
And Attorney General Kilgore (who wants to be our next GOVERNOR!) also just endorsed this man last week !!!   What was he thinking about endorsing a man of this calibre? 
And what is even more amazing is that 1) the Hanover Republican Committee gave him $200 this past July 17th, 2) Senator Bill Bolling gave Stanley $250 on August 6th, and 3) Delegate Frank Hargrove, Sr. gave him $250 on August 1st for his campaign funds.  (Source for contributions: Hanover Registrar )
Does Attorney General Jerry Kilgore think it's okay to violate the law like Stanley did and then hold office?  It may be legal since he did "cop a plea" for a misdemeanor but should the Republicans endorse him?   Does he think it's okay to endorse someone with a reputation like Stanley's?  Apparently so....What does that say about the Attorney General?
BUT even more baffling is why Attorney General Jerry Kilgore endorsed Otis Hall (R) for Hanover's Henry District Supervisor - an alleged wife beater... 
A check of the files in the Hanover County courthouse records room will reveal details of Hall's three divorces, but even more concerning is TWO of his ex-wives' allegations of physical abuse by him to the point of needing attention (for one wife), the papers filed at Hanover Clerk's office say.      
In one set of her filings, his now first ex-wife in her pleadings stated that the defendant (Hall) "beat and severely mistreated" her and that "on several occasions she had to procure attention by reason of injuries and wounds inflicted by defendant (Hall)."  She also stated that she was forced to leave him due to "mistreatment of her."   She also stated in her filings that Hall "neglected her and the children, stayed out late at night and on numerous occasions did not come home at all for one or two days"  ... and that the defendant (Hall) "made visits to and kept company with women friends and generally neglected" his wife.
His first mother-in-law testified under oath in depositions that her daughter " had come home to us with bruises on her where he hit her... she's just afraid to stay with him"... and "she had been beaten several times before."  She also testified under oath that Hall "was supposed to make support payments, but he didn't take care of his children." 
The wife was granted the divorce in the final decree - and she got custody of the children.  Mr. Hall filed a cross bill of complaint that was dismissed.  
And why didn't the Hanover Republican Party know this about their candidate?  Didn't anyone ask him about his past - especially one this colorful with allegations of domestic violence in his past marriages?  Personally I don't think anyone in this county wants an alleged wife beater on the Board!   The Judge believed the wife's allegations and granted her that divorce.  He said the wife's case "has been fully proven by the evidence"... and that's just one of his divorces...   
And the fact that Hall was not making child support payments until he was threatened with contempt charges is a concern also.  He did bring his payments up to date right before he gave up his little girls for adoption to his first wife's second husband.  But maybe in this case his girls were better off in a home without domestic violence.  Does the AG condone not paying child support?  Apparently - he endorsed this man. 
All the papers are public record regarding Hall and they are sickening to read. He denied it in his filings but who wouldn't deny that kind of behavior!  Who could possibly defend his past actions?  You can tell a lot about a man in how he treats his wife and kids... and this man didn't treat his wives very well according to his past wives' filings - and then he gave his own daughters up for adoption!  He did file an affidavit about the adoptions but those papers are sealed so we don't know what he was thinking about when he gave them up. 
So does the Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore, condone domestic violence?  He has now endorsed a man accused of it by his ex-wives.  And since October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, all women in this county and state deserve the answer as to why he - the highest ranking law enforcement official in Virginia - would endorse this man with this past.  
Contributions to Hall's campaign include:  Senator Bill Bolling - $250... and the Hanover Republican Party - $200... and Delegate Frank Hargrove - $200 also!  What does this say about them?  Maybe they should ask for the money back to show they don't really support a guy with a background/past like his.  (Source for contributions:  Hanover Registrar
 Every woman in this state should be furious for this endorsement by Jerry KIlgore.  The citizens of this state should also demand a retraction of his endorsements for Otis L. Hall, Aubrey Stanley, and Tim Ernst...

AND every woman in Hanover County's Henry District should be told of Hall's past.   Maybe Kilgore should have done a background check on Mr. Hall before endorsing him.  It doesn't make any difference when it just makes a difference that it happened! 

And AG Kilgore has not seen fit to respond to my inquiries/questions via his personal secretary, Carol Nixon,  and his campaign manager, Ken Hutchinson.  (I have an email I wrote to Mr. Hutchinson that I know he read but won't respond to because I got a "receipt" that he read it....and I have the tape of my conversaton with Mrs. Nixon...)

People have a right to know all this before they cast their vote on November 4th.  If you don't believe me, go up to the courthouse and read them yourself.  To make an informed decision on who you will vote for as your next Board member, make sure to read all divorce papers (four files) involving Hall's three ex-wives...

And remember these endorsements by our Attorney General for these three candidates (Stanley, Ernst, and Hall) when you vote for your next Governor of Virginia...
Ladies, tell your friends about this....
NOTE: Hanover Candlelight Ceremony, Hanover, VA
10/28/03 at 6 pm Hanover Candlelight Ceremony for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Contact Hanover Safe Place at 752-2728.


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