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I found that not one of the seven Board of Supervisor members got an increase in their assessment this year...and neither did the Hanover County Administrator nor Virginia's Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling who lives in Hanover. 
However, 6,000 other parcels (out of almost 44,000 parcels) received increases for 2009 which means higher taxes for those folks.
Spot assessing continues in Hanover County. 
How do you like the "spot" you're in? 
Here are the Board members' assessments followed by the County Administrator's and the Lt. Gov's all gotten from County records:
Ashland: George E. Via, III,  10354 Wanchese Way, Ashland, VA 23005
Owns three parcels.  No change to any of the three on that street for 2009 reassessment.
Parcel number: 7797-66-2828   Land: 65,000   Improvements: 170,500   Total: 235,500
Parcel number: 7797-66-2726   Land: 65,000   Improvements: none        Total: 65,000
Parcel number: 7797-66-5424   Land: 48,800   Improvements: none        Total: 48,800
BeaverdamAubrey M. Stanley, Jr and wife, 18055 Beaver Dam Road, Beaverdam, VA 23015
Unknown if IRS lien on it at present.   Due to his troubles with tax evasion charges in 1991, he served jail time on a copped plea deal resulting in 2 misdemeanor convictions instead of the nine felony counts he was originally charged with...
No change to either parcel -
Parcel number: 7825-31-5534   Land: 110,100  (15.09 acres)    Improvements 169,000   Total: 279,100
Parcel number: 7825-22-6695   Land: 171,500  (36.75 acres - owns with "etals")  Improvements: none    Total 171,500
Chickahominy:  Robert R. Setliff and wife, 9111 Berkwood Court, Mech. 23116
No change -
Parcel number: 8716-02-0018   Land 78,000   Improvements:  281,300   Total:  359,300
Cold Harbor:  Elton J. Wade, Sr., 5051 Crown Hill Road, Mech, 23111 (house owned by current wife).
Read about his exorbitant salary as a  Hanover traffic guard...
No change -
Parcel number: 8734-92-5505   Land 76,500    Improvements:  397,100   Total: 473,600
Henry: Charles D. McGhee and wife, 4456 River Road, Mech, 23116
No change to either parcel -
Parcel number: 8748-60-3024  Land 68,600   Improvements:  168,100   Total: 236,700
Parcel number: 8748-31-8190  Land: 348,500 (40 acres in land use) Improvements: none   Total he pays taxes on: 12,800 
Mechanicsville: Deborah Coats, 8368 Windsor Drive, Mech 23111
No change -
Parcel number: 8704-37-0250  Land: 64,000  Improvements: 0   Total:  64,000
Note: She purchased this new home on 9/11/2008 for $309,935.  However, this year houses all around hers were increased, but her assessment shows no improvements - only the land value.  I think someone screwed  up... The County's GIS system shows a two story house with 2789 sq. ft. of living area on that $64,000 lot.  Why wasn't it  assessed.  It does not show up on the Assessor's files for 2009 assessments and it doesn't show up on the County's GIS system.
South Anna: John E. Gordon, Jr. and wife, 14102 Mountain Road, Glen Allen, 23059
No change to either parcel -
Parcel number: 7748-89-9113  Land: 87,000  Improvements: 175,200   Total: 262,200
Parcel number: 7748-89-0380  Land: 59,300  Improvements: 38,300     Total: 97,600
County Administrator: Cecil R. "Rhu" Harris, Jr. and wife, 12139 Newton Hills Court, Rockville, 23146... No change to his property.
Parcel number: 7709-42-3329  Land: 95,500   Improvements: 404,400   Total: 499,900   
AND... LT. GOV. BILL BOLLING, 7995 Strawhorn Drive, Mechanicsville, VA 23116 
He was on the Board of Supervisors when Hanover County, VA started "spot" assessing.  He approved of this unfair taxation scheme and is running for re-election as Lt. Governor this year.
No change -
Parcel number: 8716-01-2598    Land: 78,000   Improvements: 259,600    Total: 337,600








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