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BREAKING NEWS!    The Lee County, Fl Circuit Court Clerk has removed the CIA Director's (and wife's) SSN off his site but it's still on this site!     Why didn't Goss use his "pull" to get that site shut down for the good of all the people?

The CIA Director, Porter J. Goss, who was once the mayor of Sanibel in Lee County County, Florida has two different documents on file in the Circuit Court's Clerk's office with his and wife Mary's SSNs on them.   The Clerk has put the records on the internet where they are available to the world. 

But both of the Goss' SSNs were blacked out last week on the Clerk's internet records site but most other citizens are still at risk since their SSNs are still online.   People have no idea that the Clerk has put these records on the internet.   The Clerk's site is  or go right to this page and click on ACCEPT and then begin search. (NOTE: Do not use commas between the first and last names when you search.)  Or click here

Lee County Circuit Court Clerk Charlie Green put all the records online (the same records he took an oath to protect) but he says he is following the law.   He brought to my attention that the CIA Director's SSN was hand written in on that one document and that Goss should have known it was going to be recorded and become a public record.  He's right, but did the CIA Director know the Clerk would put those records on the internet for all the world to see?  I'll bet he didn't.   In fact, close observation of those SSNs reveals that those SSNs were written in there by one person and probably someone other than Mr. and Mrs. Goss themselves.     Best guess has it that the Notary (Mr. Humphrey) wrote them in there since the 8s appear the same.  The Clerk thinks the Gosses put them there...

Until that site is shut down or EVERYONE'S Social Security number is blacked out, then it's only fair that Gov. Bush's SSN  and the CIA Director's remain online on this website.   Governor Bush also had his and his wife's SSNs blacked out on a document recorded in Miami-Dade County, but no one else's.  In fact, they sold their house to the Lopezes and their SSNs are still on the internet.


Click here to see   page one of the first document.

Click here to see page two of the first document showing their SSNs next to their signatures.   The SSNs are right there beside their signatures.

And then click here to see the CIA Director's SSN and his wife's on page 1 of yet another document and you can see they are circled.  Cross reference what you see on this document with the ones above on page two of the first document.

Now see the docs online via the Lee County Clerk's web site showing the SSNs now blacked out.  

On this first document, look at page 2 and the second document look on page 1 in the top left 1/4 of the page for the "grantee's SSNs". 

BK 2851   Pg 1380

BK 2939   Page 0395

Both Bush and Goss have the power AND influence - esp. the Governor - to help shut down all the sites until everyone's SSN can be protected - not just theirs.  Clerk Green says he'll remove all the SSNs IF people put it in writing and ask him to.  But why should people have to ask.  Why doesn't the state law mandate that the numbers and other personal information be removed BEFORE the Clerk puts them online?   

Will the Clerks, Judges, legislators and the Governor come to their senses and shut down all Florida Clerks' websites -  including the Florida Secretary of State's website which has thousands and thousands of  SSNs on the financing statements (called UCCs) on that site.  

To search on that Sec. of State site, click here and keep going until you can open the DOCUMENT IMAGE of the UCC.  Many won't have the SSN on them, but tons will so why are the state legislators allowing this?    Just pick a last name...And keep in mind that Gov. John E. "Jeb" Bush appointed Glenda Hood who is the Florida Secretary of State...

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